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I’m Canadian and I Pledge to Boycott Companies That Sell Trump Products

Donald Trump has declared a trade war on Canada. His advisor said there’s a “special place in hell” for people who defend our country. And Trump wants to slap tariffs on Canadian goods.

It’s time to fight back. Trump doesn’t care about others, he only cares about himself. The best way to get Trump’s attention is to hit him where it hurts – by targeting his company.

We are calling on all Canadians to commit to boycotting companies that sell Trump products. A boycott will force these companies to stop carrying Trump products. The list of companies includes Hudson Bay, Saks on Fifth, Walmart, Whole Foods and Bloomingdales.

Add your name to join the Trump boycott and we’ll send you a list of all companies carrying Trump products. And stay tuned for more ways to go after Trump.


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