Ford Proposes $4 Billion Handout to Corporations

Ontario Conservative Leader Doug Ford announced a plan to give corporations a big tax break, dropping their tax rate from 11.5% to 10.5%. Ford has argued this is necessary to encourage businesses to set up shop in Ontario. But corporate profits in Ontario have never been larger. In the first quarter of last year, corporations … Continued

Nestle seeking to extract 4.7 million litres of water per day from Ontario towns facing drought

Nestlé has been pumping water out of aquifers across Canada on expired permits for months. Now they are seeking permits to continue this practice in Ontario. Under the new permits, Nestlé would be allowed to extract 4.7 million litres of water per day from Ontario aquifers. One of the major aquifers Nestlé draws from is in Aberfoyle, … Continued

The Pension Time Bomb: Corportations Are Underfunding Pensions to Pay Dividends

As Sears Canada filed for protection from creditors and wound its way through bankruptcy proceedings, disturbing details regarding the state of the company’s pension fund began to emerge. The short story is this: In 2005 Sears came under the control of Goldman Sachs alum Edward Lampert and his New York hedge fund, ESL Investments. ESL … Continued

The Financial Post Wants Trump’s Trickle Down Economics for Canada

This is part 3 of our series debunking the media’s criticism of a higher minimum wage. Read part 1 and part 2. The Financial Post is the paper of record for big business, and they are earning their keep launching an all-out assault on higher minimum wages coming into effect across Canada. In a recent … Continued

Tim Hortons To Workers: Vote How We Tell You Or Lose Your Benefits

A Tim Hortons in Whitby, Ontario is taking the company’s fight against workers to new lows. In a letter which was leaked online by an employee, Tim Hortons owners informed their employees they would lose their benefits following the Province’s minimum wage increase. The owners then went on to urge workers to contact Premier Wynne … Continued

Loblaws embroiled in tax dodge scam, may owe Canadians $400M

The Canada Revenue Agency has alleged Loblaws used Barbados banks and shell companies to dodge millions of dollars in corporate taxes. In an ongoing court fight, the CRA has documented how Loblaws setup an offshore company, Glenhuron Bank Ltd., and obtained a Barbados banking license. Using cash funnelled from other parts of its grocery business, … Continued

Minimum Wage Fact Check: Sorry right-wingers, higher minimum wages do not hurt young workers

Our newest Minimum Wage Fact Check story analyzes an opinion piece published in the Financial Post. The author of the piece argues that a higher minimum wage disproportionately hurts young people. This is a beloved conservative talking point: the minimum wage has a “disemployment effect” among young workers. Unfortunately for them, it is not supported … Continued

Minimum Wage Fact Check: 7 arguments used by rightwingers, and why they are all wrong

Since the minimum wage increased in Ontario on January 1st, big businesses and far-right think-tanks have gone all-out to discredit and attack minimum wage advocates. The amount of attacks and media columns devoted to discrediting a higher minimum wage is staggering. For example, the National Post published over 8 articles opposing the minimum wage since … Continued

Many Ontario Small Businesses Embracing Minimum Wage Increase

While big corporations like Tim Hortons and the Sunset Grill are using Ontario’s minimum wage hike as an excuse to cut worker benefits and steal tips, many small businesses are embracing fair wages. In Toronto, Blackbird Baking Company informed customers that they “believe in supporting decent work for a living wage” in this sign posted on … Continued

This loophole lets Canada’s richest CEOs dodge almost $1 billion in taxes

Canada’s richest 1% use a wide variety of tax havens and loopholes to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. Most people have heard of the Panama and Paradise Papers, which documented how the super-rich stash their money in offshore bank accounts. But fewer people are aware of another lucrative tax perk for the rich … Continued