Three Companies That Fixed Bread Prices Are Part of a Lobby Group Trying to Slash Vacation, Sick Days

Three companies who were allegedly involved in stealing millions from Canadians by fixing bread prices for over 16 years are part of a business lobby group calling for the repeal of additional vacation days, sick leave and domestic abuse leave for Ontario workers. Loblaws, Giant Tiger and Canada Bread Company Inc, as well as other grocery chains, … Continued

Ford To Let Businesses Implement Sexist Dress Code, Force Women to Wear High Heels At Work

Doug Ford plans to roll-back worker protection laws, including rules that made it illegal for businesses to force women to wear high heels on the job. Bill 148 Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, brought worker protections into the 21st century. As part of multiple new laws, businesses cannot require women to wear high heels on the job … Continued

Ontario Business Lobby Calls Additional Domestic Abuse Leave, Other Rules “Harmful to Business”, Begs Ford to Repeal It

Two of Ontario’s corporate business lobby groups are calling on Ford to repeal A Plan for Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs (Bill 148). Included in the bill is a provision that allows workers or their children who experience domestic or sexual violence, or the threat of domestic or sexual violence, to take additional time off. The … Continued

Doug Ford’s History Of Flirting With the Alt-Right and White Nationalists

Photographs and video of Doug Ford posing with white nationalist Faith Goldy, a woman who expressed support for neo-Nazis, have emerged in recent days. But this isn’t the first connection between Doug Ford and alt-right white nationalist groups and figures. North99 has compiled a list of every connection between Doug Ford and hate groups, white … Continued

Doug Ford Caught Posing for Photo With White Supremacist Sympathizer Faith Goldy

Well-known Canadian alt-right and white supremacist sympathizer Faith Goldy was caught posing for a photograph Premier Doug Ford during Ford Nation, Doug Ford’s annual community event. Here is the video: Here is a video of Premier Doug Ford posing for a photo with white supremacist Faith Goldy: — Jonathan Goldsbie (@goldsbie) September 23, 2018 … Continued

A List of Beer Companies Refusing Ford’s Buck-A-Beer Scam

#Ottawa‘s @BTPBrewing says lowering Ontario’s minimum beer price probably won’t affect them or other craft brewers very much: #onpoli via @cbcallinaday — CBC Ottawa (@CBCOttawa) August 8, 2018 Doug Ford’s promise to lower beer prices is being met with ridicule and anger from Ontario’s breweries. Ford’s buck-a-beer promise is nothing more than a … Continued

Radical Far-right Religious Groups Cheer Ford’s Decision to Cancel Sex-ed Curriculum

Doug Ford’s decision to cancel Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum was cheered by anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ groups and radical religious groups across the country. Campaign Life Coalition, a far-right anti-abortion group, thanked Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod for cancelling the curriculum. Campaign Life Coalition is Canada’s leading anti-abortion group, who oppose gay marriage, access to abortion and previously critized Ontario’s … Continued

This is How Cancelling Sex-Ed Will Hurt Ontario Students

Doug Ford decision to cancel sex-ed has been met with anger and confusion by Ontarians. The decision was made as part of a promise by Ford to radical social Conservatives, in exchange for their votes during the Conservative leadership race. Ford eventually won that race with backing from Tanya Granic Allen, a radical religious organizer … Continued

Ford’s First Cuts: $1 Billion From Roads, Transit, Infrastructure

Doug Ford hasn’t assumed office yet, but as Premier-Designate of Ontario he has already indicated he plans to move ahead with big cuts to infrastructure, including roads and transit. Ford indicated at a press conference earlier this week that one of his top priorities will be changes to the gas tax that will cost Ontario … Continued

Homophobes, Trump Supporters and Ex-Harper MPs – Meet Doug Ford’s Radical Candidates

Lost in the news coverage of Doug Ford’s numerous gaffes — and potentially far more concerning — is the team of far right extremist candidates assembled and appointed by Ford. As election day draws near, it’s important that Ontario voters have all the information needed to make the right choice this election. North99 has compiled … Continued