Radical Far-right Religious Groups Cheer Ford’s Decision to Cancel Sex-ed Curriculum

Doug Ford’s decision to cancel Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum was cheered by anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ groups and radical religious groups across the country. Campaign Life Coalition, a far-right anti-abortion group, thanked Doug Ford and Lisa MacLeod for cancelling the curriculum. Campaign Life Coalition is Canada’s leading anti-abortion group, who oppose gay marriage, access to abortion and previously critized Ontario’s … Continued

This is How Cancelling Sex-Ed Will Hurt Ontario Students

Doug Ford decision to cancel sex-ed has been met with anger and confusion by Ontarians. The decision was made as part of a promise by Ford to radical social Conservatives, in exchange for their votes during the Conservative leadership race. Ford eventually won that race with backing from Tanya Granic Allen, a radical religious organizer … Continued

Ford’s First Cuts: $1 Billion From Roads, Transit, Infrastructure

Doug Ford hasn’t assumed office yet, but as Premier-Designate of Ontario he has already indicated he plans to move ahead with big cuts to infrastructure, including roads and transit. Ford indicated at a press conference earlier this week that one of his top priorities will be changes to the gas tax that will cost Ontario … Continued

Homophobes, Trump Supporters and Ex-Harper MPs – Meet Doug Ford’s Radical Candidates

Lost in the news coverage of Doug Ford’s numerous gaffes — and potentially far more concerning — is the team of far right extremist candidates assembled and appointed by Ford. As election day draws near, it’s important that Ontario voters have all the information needed to make the right choice this election. North99 has compiled … Continued

Every Single Similarity Between Doug Ford and Donald Trump

Over the course of the Ontario election, many people have remarked on the similarities between Doug Ford and Donald Trump. But is it really that bad? The answer is yes. In fact, Doug Ford’s policies, statements and attacks on his political opponents are eerily similar to America’s most controversial President. Attacking the press? Check. Locking … Continued

Neo-Nazi Group Behind Peterborough March Endorses Doug Ford

The neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Front has endorsed Doug Ford’s Conservatives in Ontario’s upcoming election. The organization’s leader, Kevin Goudreau, posted a photo of his Conservative lawn sign to the organization’s Twitter account, along with the text “Say hello to my little sign.” Readers may remember Goudreau — who has a swastika tattooed on his chest … Continued

Every Connection Between Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives and the Alt-Right

Doug Ford promised his campaign would be “for the people”. But a review of existing news sources indicates Ford and the PC Party are drawing support from people and groups on the far-right, including prominent alt-right groups like Proud Boys and white supremacists like Paul Fromm. North99 has compiled every connection between Ford and the … Continued

Voter Fraud, Illegal Fundraising, Racism – A Timeline of Every Doug Ford Ontario Election Controversy

From voter fraud to illegal fundraising, Doug Ford faces an unprecedented number of controversies. To help you keep track, North99 has compiled every single allegation since Ford’s Conservative leadership victory. Radical Religious Far-Right Groups Claim Victory Victory for Doug Ford – March 11 The religious right is now taking credit for electing Doug Ford leader of … Continued

7 Ways Doug Ford Will Make Life Harder For People

1. Wages will fall as the minimum wage increase is cancelled Doug Ford has promised to cancel the minimum wage increase. This will lower wages in two ways. First, workers currently making less than $15 per hour will not see their planned wage increase materialize. Obviously this represents a substantial loss for them. Second, workers … Continued

For the People? Ford Candidate Andrew Lawton Defends CEOs Who Make 190 Times An Average Worker’s Salary

In an unearthed video from Andrew Lawton’s tenure as a host for Rebel Media, Doug Ford’s appointed candidate says there’s nothing wrong with excessive CEO pay. In fact, Lawton says CEOs deserve their massive salaries, which are 190 times higher than an average worker’s salary. Andrew Lawton made the comments while working as a host … Continued