American-Funded Fraser Institute Advocating for Republican Right-To-Work Laws in Canada

A new article published by the Fraser Institute, and receiving heavy rotation with Facebook advertising, calls on the Canadian government to institute right-to-work laws, which have decimated labour unions throughout the United States. Right-to-work laws are a misnomer. They are laws used to “tilt the balance towards big corporations and further rig the system at … Continued

3 Reasons Why Ontario Needs to End The Sale of Public Water to Bottled Water Companies

The Ontario government currently allows private companies like Nestlé to purchase public water for use in bottled water. Here’s why this needs to change 1) Ontario’s Rules Never Anticipated Bottled Water Ontario’s Permit to Take Water system was created well before the advent of packaged water. The system was designed to help farmers and other … Continued

Ontario should spend at least $91 billion more on public services

Ontario’s new 2018 budget has faced criticism from the usual suspects in Canadian punditry who have decried the new social spending it promises. Randell Denley (formerly a Conservative candidate) complained in the Ottawa Citizen that the government is “spending wildly”. In the Toronto Sun, Lorrie Goldstein crowd the plan was a “house of cards”. Even … Continued

Young Canadians’ Income Down, Debt Up Over Past 40 Years

While average incomes for most Canadians have stagnated over the past 40 years, young people have been hit especially hard. Statistics Canada data shows that median incomes for Canadians aged 25-34 dropped by 12% over the past 30 years, falling from $42,700 in 1976 to $37,400 in 2016. The chart below illustrates this drop. While … Continued

The 1% Make More Money Doing Nothing Than Average People Do Working For 2 Years

Ontario is testing a basic income in which a randomly selected group of people will receive $16,989 with no strings attached per year for a single person, less 50% of any earned income. So, for example, someone who earned $20,000 in a year would receive $6,989 to top up their earnings. Critics of basic income have suggested … Continued

DEVASTATING: Fentanyl Ravaging British Columbia, Now Deadliest Killer In Province

People across Canada are dying at alarming rates as the opioid epidemic ravages communities. And now new data shows that in British Columbia, fentanyl — a deadly opiate derivative disguised in bags of white powder — has become the leading cause of unnatural death. Take a look at the two charts below released by the … Continued

The Koch Brothers Are Using This Far-Right Think Tank To Influence Canadians – And It’s Working

Canada is experiencing an awakening of right-right groups in Canada, with groups like Rebel Media spewing far-right racism, and hate crimes on the rise throughout the country. But far-right white supremacy isn’t the only movement we must keep an eye on. Canada is being influenced by America’s most powerful and richest Republicans, the Koch Brothers.  … Continued

Banks Stole $354 Million From Canadians – And They’re About to Get Away With It

No one likes banks. And for good reason. They charge unnecessary fees, protect the rich and make billions off of us. And the worst part is they keep getting away with it. A new report from CBC shows that even when banks break the rules, there’s zero punishment. For over 14 years, our country’s biggest … Continued

Don’t Believe Big Corporations – Data Shows They Can Afford a $15 Minimum Wage

We all know that paying workers more is better for the economy. Well, everyone except big businesses. Big businesses like to claim they can’t afford to pay a minimum wage because it will force them to higher less people, reduce income and force businesses to close. It’s an argument they’ve used forever. Of course, it’s … Continued

This 100-year old Sears worker is about to lose everything

Just days after her 100th birthday Lisa Okill got some shocking news: Sears — where she had worked for 26 years — was axing her health and insurance benefits. In spite of the fact that Okill had spent most of her career at Sears — and was the first woman to manage a Sears location … Continued