American-Funded Fraser Institute Advocating for Republican Right-To-Work Laws in Canada

A new article published by the Fraser Institute, and receiving heavy rotation with Facebook advertising, calls on the Canadian government to institute right-to-work laws, which have decimated labour unions throughout the United States. Right-to-work laws are a misnomer. They are laws used to “tilt the balance towards big corporations and further rig the system at … Continued

Fraser Institute Using Koch-Backed Professor to “Educate” Canadian Journalists

An American professor hired by the Fraser Institute to “enhance the economic knowledge” of journalists is closely connected to America’s far-right, including the Koch brothers. Tawni Hunt Ferrarini is a senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, where she teaches a program called Economics for Journalists. The program offers journalists the opportunity to learn “how economics can … Continued

Exclusive: Rebel Media Closely Connected to Far-Right Personalities Favoured by Quebec City Mosque Shooter Bissonnette

New evidence from the trial of Quebec City mosque shooter Alexandre Bissonnette shows a startling number of far-right Twitter accounts that Bissonnette frequented in the month before he killed six Muslims. These accounts are a who’s-who of alt-right and neo-Nazi personalities, including KKK leader David Duke and neo-Nazi Richard Spencer. Here is the full list: … Continued

American Far-Right Political Group With Connections to Trump Launches at Simon Fraser University

In an original investigation, North99 has learned that a right-wing US activist group with connections to Donald Trump is expanding onto Canadian campuses. The organization is called Turning Point Canada, and it’s a branch of Turning Point USA, a right-wing “student activist” group funded by the billionaire Republican mega-donor Koch Brothers. Turning Point USA describes … Continued

A Libertarian Canadian Think-Tank is Sharing Content Connected to America’s Alt-Right Movement

In an exclusive story from North99, we uncover how Canadian think tank Frontier Centre for Public Policy is connected to a leading American far-right video site accused of pushing ideas connected to the alt-right movement. Here is a screenshot of the video and link to the post. PragerU and the Alt-Right PragerU is a far-right … Continued

How American Far-Right Groups Influence Canadian University Students: Generation Screwed

In an exclusive story from North99, we investigate the troubling connections between the Koch-backed Atlas Network, far-right Canadian advocacy groups, and their efforts to indoctrinate and brainwash university students across Canada. To learn more about the Atlas Network’s influence in Canada, and the groups they fund, please read our story Dark Money in Conservative Politics: The Shadowy American … Continued

A Far-Right, Libertarian From the Fraser Institute is Indoctrinating Canadian Children

The far-right Fraser Institute is pushing disproven libertarian values into Canadian highschools, with almost zero oversight. Since 1999, the Fraser Institute has run high school “economics” training seminars, reaching over 10,000 students. The courses are for students from grade 7-12. One course is called “Why Do People Behave The Way They Do? An Introduction to Economic … Continued

Dark Money in Conservative Politics: The Shadowy American Nonprofit Bankrolling Canada’s Conservative Movement

In our series Dark Money in Conservative Politics, we take a deep look at where Canada’s Conservative movement gets its funding. Our first story looked at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) and the web of funding and incestuous connections between other right-wing causes. Our second story analyzed the deep connections between the JCCF and the … Continued

Why Did the Manning Centre Remove This Anti-Abortion Group From Their Event?

The conservative Manning Centre think tank appears to have quietly removed an anti-abortion group — We Need a Law — from their event partnership page sometime after we reported on the group’s anti-abortion activities. In December we revealed the Manning Centre’s upcoming flagship Conference included an anti-abortion group called We Need a Law, an anti-choice activist group dedicated to … Continued

Exclusive: Conservative Manning Centre Connected to Company Responsible for German Neo-Nazi Party Resurgence

In an exclusive story, North99 has uncovered that the Manning Centre and Conservative operatives received received training from a US-based Republican company called Harris Media that is also connected to Germany’s (Alternative for Germany) AfD, a resurgent party that has been described as “neo-Nazi”. Harris Media is an American digital marketing company that works with … Continued