Canada Should Be Spending $595 Billion More On Public Services Per Year

Conservatives often claim that Canadian governments “spend beyond their means” and, in so doing, accumulate large debts. They argue this is a bad thing, and the proper response is to spend less money. The problem with this claim is that it’s difficult to know how much spending would constitute “too much.” To get an accurate … Continued

For the People? Ford Candidate Andrew Lawton Defends CEOs Who Make 190 Times An Average Worker’s Salary

In an unearthed video from Andrew Lawton’s tenure as a host for Rebel Media, Doug Ford’s appointed candidate says there’s nothing wrong with excessive CEO pay. In fact, Lawton says CEOs deserve their massive salaries, which are 190 times higher than an average worker’s salary. Andrew Lawton made the comments while working as a host … Continued

Ontario should spend at least $91 billion more on public services

Ontario’s new 2018 budget has faced criticism from the usual suspects in Canadian punditry who have decried the new social spending it promises. Randell Denley (formerly a Conservative candidate) complained in the Ottawa Citizen that the government is “spending wildly”. In the Toronto Sun, Lorrie Goldstein crowd the plan was a “house of cards”. Even … Continued

Young Canadians’ Income Down, Debt Up Over Past 40 Years

While average incomes for most Canadians have stagnated over the past 40 years, young people have been hit especially hard. Statistics Canada data shows that median incomes for Canadians aged 25-34 dropped by 12% over the past 30 years, falling from $42,700 in 1976 to $37,400 in 2016. The chart below illustrates this drop. While … Continued

7 Disturbing Facts About the Fraser Institute

Most Canadians have heard of the Fraser Institute, the British Columbia-based “think tank”. Its reports and “studies” are often covered in the mainstream media as independent and objective. But the truth is that the Fraser Institute exists to promote rightwing ideology. It was created and is funded by big corporate interests who sought to change … Continued

Nestle seeking to extract 4.7 million litres of water per day from Ontario towns facing drought

Nestlé has been pumping water out of aquifers across Canada on expired permits for months. Now they are seeking permits to continue this practice in Ontario. Under the new permits, Nestlé would be allowed to extract 4.7 million litres of water per day from Ontario aquifers. One of the major aquifers Nestlé draws from is in Aberfoyle, … Continued

Minimum Wage Fact Check: Sorry right-wingers, higher minimum wages do not hurt young workers

Our newest Minimum Wage Fact Check story analyzes an opinion piece published in the Financial Post. The author of the piece argues that a higher minimum wage disproportionately hurts young people. This is a beloved conservative talking point: the minimum wage has a “disemployment effect” among young workers. Unfortunately for them, it is not supported … Continued

Minimum Wage Fact Check: 7 arguments used by rightwingers, and why they are all wrong

Since the minimum wage increased in Ontario on January 1st, big businesses and far-right think-tanks have gone all-out to discredit and attack minimum wage advocates. The amount of attacks and media columns devoted to discrediting a higher minimum wage is staggering. For example, the National Post published over 8 articles opposing the minimum wage since … Continued

This loophole lets Canada’s richest CEOs dodge almost $1 billion in taxes

Canada’s richest 1% use a wide variety of tax havens and loopholes to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. Most people have heard of the Panama and Paradise Papers, which documented how the super-rich stash their money in offshore bank accounts. But fewer people are aware of another lucrative tax perk for the rich … Continued

Loblaws stole from Canadians – here’s how to get back at them

Loblaws Canada admitted that they were fixing bread prices for over 14 years. Their response? Satiate people’s anger with $25 gift cards. While this may seem like a good idea, Macleans explains why this is problematic: “I think it’s unconscionable,” says Jay Strosberg, the other lawyer involved in the class action, who wagers that many customers … Continued