Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy believes conspiracy theory that Obama is a Muslim

A video has resurfaced from 2017 where Toronto Sun columnist Sue-Ann Levy embraces a conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama is a Muslim. This is happening at the same time that she is facing criticism for writing a story based on fabricated third-party information about a hotel sheltering asylum-seekers. In the video, Sue-Ann Levy says that … Continued

The Rebel and Toronto Sun whipped up hysteria about this hotel housing refugees. Then someone tried to burn it down.

If you are not a regular reader of right-wing media in Canada, you likely have not heard much about the Radisson Toronto East Hotel. For the majority of people, there’s nothing noteworthy about this place. But for consumers of Canada’s right wing media, this hotel is a place to be feared. Why? Mainly because it … Continued

Faith Goldy said neo-Nazis have “well-thought-out ideas” – Conrad Black says her opinions are not offensive

In a radio interview clip circulating on Twitter, National Post columnist and convicted criminal Conrad Black defended white supremacist Faith Goldy, saying her opinions were “not be offensive to any ethnic or religious group”. Faith Goldy has a history of aligning herself with neo-Nazis, including saying their ideas were well-thought-out. Here is the full list … Continued

Conservative Anti-Abortion Group Says Women Should Be Criminally Charged for Using The Morning-After Pill

An anti-abortion political organizing group called the Wilberforce Profit, which is closely connected to Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party, believes women should face serious criminal charges for using the morning after pill. The tweet below from Progress Alberta summarizes the position of Wilberforce Project The Wilberforce Project, a political action group that just last week was … Continued

Doug Ford Caught Posing for Photo With White Supremacist Sympathizer Faith Goldy

Well-known Canadian alt-right and white supremacist sympathizer Faith Goldy was caught posing for a photograph Premier Doug Ford during Ford Nation, Doug Ford’s annual community event. Here is the video: Here is a video of Premier Doug Ford posing for a photo with white supremacist Faith Goldy: — Jonathan Goldsbie (@goldsbie) September 23, 2018 … Continued

Toronto Police Used Force to Protect White Supremacist, Hate Group Rally

Toronto’s police department used force to protect white supremacist and other hate groups as they marched in downtown Toronto. The event occured on Saturday, September 8th and was organized by PEGIDA. PEGIDA is a far-right anti-Islam, xenophobic group who have been called “Nazis in pinstripes”. PEGIDA was joined by far-right white supremacy groups, including Soldiers of Odin, … Continued

BREAKING NEWS: Fredricton Shooter Got His News From Rebel Media

In a previously unreported interview uncovered on YouTube, the Fredericton shooter Matthew Vincent Raymond, who murdered four people including two police officers, said he got his news from Rebel Media. The Rebel Media mention can be found at the 3:40 mark. The video was first reported by CBC. This isn’t the first connection between Rebel … Continued

This Story Show’s Why Conservatives Attacks on Canadian Citizenship Are So Dangerous

At last weekend’s convention, Conservatives voted to end birthright citizenship for people born in Canada. The alarming policy was met by denunciations from across the political spectrum, including a Conservative leadership candidate who worried about government being able to decide who is and isn’t a Canadian citizen. But one of the best responses was from … Continued

Every Conservative Politician Defending The Racist Trudeau Heckler

A video of Diane Blain heckling Justin Trudeau at an event in Quebec has gone viral (for a variety of reasons), though it appears the whole thing was staged by radical right-wing groups. Blain is connected to online far-right groups, and was last in the news for refusing to be served by a Muslim woman … Continued

Was the Trudeau Heckling Incident Staged By Far-Right Groups?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shut down a heckler at an event in Quebec recently. The heckler repeatedly interrupted Trudeau’s remarks by yelling smears about immigrants. But evidence is emerging that the incident was not the work of a disgruntled voter, but rather one staged and orchestrated by far right groups. This evidence was compiled … Continued