New Poll Shows 26% of Conservative Supporters Think “Being Gay is a Choice That Should be Discouraged”

A new poll from Abacus Research shows that Canada’s Conservatives are increasingly embracing far-right hatred. One question in the poll asked if “being gay is a choice that should be discouraged”. The poll showed that 26% of Conservatives agreed with this statement. Views on homosexuality have changed over time. Most regret the history of discrimination. … Continued

This Twitter User Debunks Andrew Scheer and the Fraser Institute by Using Basic Math

We all know the Fraser Institute can’t be trusted when it comes to simple math. But apparently, no one told Andrew Scheer. The Fraser Institute released a report claiming Canadians lost any wage increases due to higher rates of taxation. Of course, anyone with any shred of intelligence knows the Fraser Institute cannot be trusted, … Continued

Conservative MP Embraces Climate Change Denial, Questions if CO2 Causes Global Warming

Conservative MP Blaine Calkins, in front of a class of grade 7 and 8-year-olds, told students that science was still unclear on whether CO2 is a pollutant that contributes to global warming. Here is the video from CBC. In the clip, Calkins says the following: “And whether or not you think carbon dioxide is pollution or … Continued

Fact Check: Former Conservative Cabinet Minister Debunks Scheer’s Immigration Lies

Stephen Harper’s former Immigration minister Chris Alexander has accused Andrew Scheer of lying about the UN Global Compact on Migration. Scheer opposes signing the UN Global Compact on Migration, a non-binding agreement on how countries around the world can work together to solve immigration issues. Scheer claimed that by signing the UN Global Compact on … Continued

Stephen Harper grants interview to ex-Breitbart writer accused of influencing Quebec City mosque shooter

Stephen Harper has granted an interview to Ben Shapiro, a far-right personality and ex-Breitbart writer whose content was avidly consumed by Alexandre Bissonnette, the Quebec City mosque shooter who murdered 6 worshippers and injured nineteen others. Shapiro is a well known far-right online personality and also hosts his own show on Fox News. Shapiro often helps spread conspiracy … Continued

Stephen Harper defends Donald Trump’s nationalism days after Trump skips Remembrance ceremony due to rain

In an interview with The National, a news site based out of the United Arab Emirates, Stephen Harper defended Donald Trump’s stance on nationalism saying “I don’t think you can fault Trump” for supporting it. Harper’s comment came in response to French President Emmanuel’s Macron’s critique of Donald Trump’s nationalism. Macron made his comments during a speech … Continued

This man equated the gay pride flag to swastikas. Jason Kenney previously compared him to Rosa Parks

Long-time Jason Kenney supporter John Carpay, who Kenney once compared to civil-rights icon Rosa Parks, equated the gay pride flag to swastikas at a Rebel Media event. BREAKING: Jason Kenney’s friend and donor John Carpay just compared the pride flag to the swastika and the hammer/sickle. Will @jkenney return this bigot’s campaign contribution? And—revoke his … Continued

Lawyers call Scheer’s plan to combat gangs “shockingly stupid”, “unconstitutional” and full of “lies”

Lawyers have taken to Twitter to denounce Andrew Scheer’s plan to combat gangs and gun violence. One lawyer called it “shockingly stupid” and “unconstitutional”. Scheer tweeted a graphic that claims to contain the Conservative plan to combat gang violence. My Conservative plan to crack down on gang activity vs. Justin Trudeau’s plan that puts criminals first. … Continued

Conservative MP Kerry Diotte threatening to sue critic who criticized his support of white nationalist Faith Goldy

Conservative MP Kerry Diotte is suing a man named Bashir Mohammed for pointing out Diotte’s support of white nationalist Faith Goldy. Faith is a self-proclaimed propagandist for the neo-Nazi movement who previously said neo-Nazis had “well thought-out ideas”. Bashir posted on Twitter that he had received a legal notice due to the tweets he had … Continued

This lawsuit could end Canadian public health care and open the doors to US-style for-profit services

A case winding its way through the BC Supreme Court could up-end Canada’s public health care system and usher in private, two-tier health care similar to the US-style system. The case was brought forth by Dr. Brian Day, the owner of a number of private medical clinics in BC. He is asking the courts to strike … Continued