Doug Ford Stands by Racist, Homophobic Conservative Nomination Candidate

As reported by the Toronto Star, Doug Ford is refusing to ban Tanya Granic Allen from seeking the Progressive Conservative nomination after it was revealed she made numerous racist and homophobic comments directed at Muslims and the LGTBQ community. The comments, first revealed in the Star, compared women in burkas to “bank robbers” and “ninjas” and … Continued

Stephen Harper Congratulates Authoritarian Leader Accused of Undermining Democracy and “Xenophobic Rhetoric”

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper tweeted his congratulations to authoritarian leader Viktor Orbán on his election “victory”, a man accused of antisemitism, xenophobia, undermining Hungary’s democratic institutions, and attacking the free press. Congratulations to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Hungary’s Fidesz for winning a decisive fourth term! The IDU and I are looking forward to … Continued

Doug Ford’s Minimum Wage Scheme Will Cost Workers $800 /Year

Doug Ford, Ontario’s new Conservative leader, has announced his plan for the minimum wage — and it’s not good news for workers. While Ontario’s minimum wage is scheduled to rise to $15 on January 1, 2019, Ford has pledged to cancel this increase. Global News reports: Ford pledged, for instance, to freeze Ontario’s minimum wage … Continued

Debunking rightwing attacks on Canada’s public healthcare

If there is one thing Canadians can agree upon with near unanimity, it’s the value of a universal public health care system. In fact, a recent Nanos poll showed most people would like to expand our public system, even if it means paying higher taxes. But rightwing groups like the Fraser Institute work relentlessly to roll … Continued

Why Did the Manning Centre Remove This Anti-Abortion Group From Their Event?

The conservative Manning Centre think tank appears to have quietly removed an anti-abortion group — We Need a Law — from their event partnership page sometime after we reported on the group’s anti-abortion activities. In December we revealed the Manning Centre’s upcoming flagship Conference included an anti-abortion group called We Need a Law, an anti-choice activist group dedicated to … Continued

Exclusive: Conservative Manning Centre Connected to Company Responsible for German Neo-Nazi Party Resurgence

In an exclusive story, North99 has uncovered that the Manning Centre and Conservative operatives received received training from a US-based Republican company called Harris Media that is also connected to Germany’s (Alternative for Germany) AfD, a resurgent party that has been described as “neo-Nazi”. Harris Media is an American digital marketing company that works with … Continued

BREAKING NEWS: Ontario Conservative leader Patrick Brown accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women

CTV News is reporting serious allegations of sexual misconduct by Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown: Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown is facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct from two women who spoke to CTV News. In interviews, the women allege inappropriate behavior by the rising political figure throughout his tenure as an elected official. … Continued

BYE BYE: Conservative MP Kellie Leitch announces she’s not running again

Good news! One of Canada’s least favourite and most polarizing MPs, who ran as a Conservative leadership candidate on a racist platform that called for immigrants to undergo a “Canadian values” test, and championed a barbaric cultural practices snitch line in the 2015 election, announced she’s not running in 2019: In a statement obtained Tuesday by the … Continued

Conservative icon Brad Wall humiliated by NDP government

In what can only be described as the silliest trade battle in Canadian history, Conservative and free trade icon Brad Wall has been beaten by his most hated enemy – Alberta’s NDP government. Wall’s government has tucked its tail between its legs and fled a battlefield it created in December when it banned vehicles with … Continued

Andrew Scheer Wants To Fund Anti-Abortion Groups

Andrew Scheer has a long history of anti-choice advocacy, and he owes substantial debts to anti-choice groups who played a large role in electing him leader of the Conservative Party. Now he is starting to pay back those debts. Scheer has come out swinging against the Federal government’s restriction on funding for anti-abortion groups as … Continued