The Toronto Sun unpublished a vaccine conspiracy theory. But a fake story about asylum seekers is still up

After massive online public pressure against a Toronto Sun column that promoted a conspiracy theory that questioned the effectiveness of vaccines, the Toronto Sun took down the story. But a column with fake allegations against asylum seekers at a Toronto hotel has yet to be removed. A column by Sue-Ann Levy claimed that asylum seekers … Continued

Doug Ford will end new domestic abuse leave work rules – and these universities are part of a group that made it happen

Update as of October 23: Ford has introduced legislation that does not include stripping workers of domestic abuse protections and high heel laws. Some of Ontario’s most influential universities and colleges are members of a business lobby group calling for the full repeal of Bill 148, which includes laws designed to protect domestic abuse victims … Continued

Jason Kenney Says Racists Aren’t Welcome in the Conservative Party – The Facts Tell a Different Story

Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party is facing criticism for allowing members of the far-right, anti-Muslim anti-immigrant group Soldiers of Odin to attend UCP candidate nomination events. Kenney took to Twitter to denounce the attendees, saying he condemns any group that promotes racial prejudice. We obviously condemn any group that promote racial prejudice. Members of the … Continued

Decoding Ford’s Spending Report: How 6 Key Recommendations Will Make Your Life More Expensive

Earlier this summer Doug Ford commissioned Ernst & Young to prepare a report on how his government could go about cutting services and imposing austerity on the province. Ernst & Young has now released that report. While it is filled with jargon and dull consultant-speak designed to prevent anyone from reading it, the substance of … Continued

This Housing Expert Debunks Ford’s Dog-Whistle Attack on Refugees Fleeing Trump

In what can only be the start of Doug Ford’s dog-whistling to far-right supporters, Ford blamed families fleeing Trump for the housing crisis facing Toronto. NEW: statement from Premier Doug Ford. “The Federal Government encouraged illegal border crossers to come into our country.This has resulted in a housing crisis, & threats to the services that … Continued

Canada Should Be Spending $595 Billion More On Public Services Per Year

Conservatives often claim that Canadian governments “spend beyond their means” and, in so doing, accumulate large debts. They argue this is a bad thing, and the proper response is to spend less money. The problem with this claim is that it’s difficult to know how much spending would constitute “too much.” To get an accurate … Continued

BREAKING NEWS: Sources Say Doug Ford Has Won the Ontario Conservative Leadership Race

In a stunning turn of events, sources say Doug Ford has won the Ontario Conservative leadership race. The news is leaking out from senior campaign officials, says CBC: ​Doug Ford is the new leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, according to senior campaign sources who spoke to CBC’s Mike Crawley, bringing to a close a turbulent six-week race just three … Continued

Canada’s Justice System Failed Colten Boushie

On August 9, 2016 Colten Boushie, 22 years old, pulled his car onto Gerald Stanley’s yard. He had a flat tire. Minutes after, Boushie was dead — killed by Stanley with a gun at point blank range. What happened between those two events is unclear, and was the subject of dispute at Gerald Stanley’s trial … Continued