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Doug Ford Must Fire Far-Right Conservative Candidate Andrew Lawton

Doug Ford must fire Conservative candidate Andrew Lawton as his candidate in London. Here’s why:

  • He said women “deserve” to be raped because of German refugee policies1
  • He was suspended from his old job for a homophobic Facebook post2
  • He said London city hall would be “tarnished” by raising a Pride flag3
  • A blog seemingly run by Lawton called the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women, a day to commemorate the deaths of 14 women, a “fake holiday” promoted by “feminazis”4
  • He worked at the far-right media outlet Rebel Media5

Someone like this should not be elected as MPP. Join the campaign to stop Andrew Lawton and add your name if you agree Ford must fire him immediately. 


[1,2,3,5] PressProgress – Here are PC candidate Andrew Lawton’s worst moments (so far)

[4] North99 – Blog Seemingly Run by Ford Candidate Andrew Lawton Called Polytechnique Shooting Commemoration a “Fake Holiday” Promoted by “Feminazis”

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