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Canada has one of the world’s best healthcare systems. We are rightly proud that no matter who you are or how much money you have, every Canadian can get good healthcare when they need it.

But as many Canadians know all too well, our healthcare system is incomplete: basic medical needs like prescription drugs, vision, and dental are not covered by Medicare.

It’s time for that to change.

Medication, dental, and vision are all a key part of our health, and they should be covered by our healthcare system.

That’s why North99 is sponsoring a Medicine For All campaign to promote a complete healthcare system that guarantees prescription drug, dental, and vision coverage for everyone.

Why do we need Medicine For All?

While Canada’s Medicare system provides high-quality primary healthcare for everyone, several critical elements of our health — prescription drugs, dental, and vision — are not covered under the existing system.

Nearly 750,000 Canadians have no prescription drug coverage, and 3.7 million Canadians have inadequate coverage — meaning they cannot afford their medicine, even with insurance.

When it comes to dental and vision, the situation is even worse. 32% of Canadians have no dental coverage whatsoever, a figure that rises to 50% among low-income families. 45% of Canadians have no vision insurance coverage.

Our patchwork system of public, private, and out-of-pocket funding for these critical healthcare services is failing millions of Canadians. We need Medicine For All to ensure high-quality, consistent healthcare for everyone.

Can we afford Medicine For All?

Not only can we afford Medicine For All, Canada would save money by implementing Medicine For All. 

To understand why, take prescription drugs as an example. Right now total spending on prescription drugs is $28.5 billion per year. Much of this money is spent on overhead for private pharma corporations, marketing budgets, administration, and other inefficiencies. 

The Parliamentary Budget Office estimates that expanding healthcare coverage to include prescription drugs would reduce total spending on prescription drugs by $4.8 billion per year.

This would be accomplished through the elimination of the inefficiencies in the existing private, patchwork system.

Would I lose my private insurance under Medicine For All?

Under a Medicine For All system, everyone would have a basic level of insurance for prescription medication, dental, and vision provided through a public system — just like our healthcare system. 

Supplemental insurance to cover procedures not available through the public insurance system could be purchased or provided by employers.

The plan

Build Public Support

We will launch our Medicine For All campaign across the North99 network and build public support for the plan.

Pressure Politicians

We will mobilize supporters to pressure their elected officials to support Medicine For All policies, and run campaigns informing voters of candidates' position on Medicine For All.

Win Change

By exerting pressure on elected officials — and helping elect friendly candidates — we will pass Medicine For All policies.

Take action

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