Ontario Election

To participate in the Ontario election, organizations and individuals are required to register as a Third Party. Our team has completed the necessary information and is now listed on the Ontario elections website.

Here are the most common questions we’ve received about registering as a third party:

Why did North99 register as a third party?

Elections Ontario rules stipulate that organizations must register once they spend $500 or more on political advertising. Volunteer time must be accounted for this if any volunteer charges for similar services they provide on a commercial basis. Since North99 is a volunteer-run organization – no one involved in North99 draws a salary – and members of our team design graphics and online content as part of their normal jobs, we are required to account for that time for any online content we design and share. The vast majority of our time and resources spent during the election will be designing graphic content that is shared through our social channels.

All information about our registration can be found on the Third Party Ontario election page.

Who’s funding North99?

North99 is funded by individual donors and members giving on average $12 per month. We do not accept corporate or other third-party donations. The largest donation ever to North99 was $267.50 from a very generous donor. More information on our funding, who we are can be found on our About page while more detailed information about funding can be found here.

Currently we are running fundraising campaigns to raise money to support our work during the election.

Do you plan on running ads during the election?

Yes, but it will depend on how much money we raise. We are a small volunteer-run organization funded entirely by grassroots donors, so we do not have large sums of money like other groups.

As per Ontario election rules, all paid advertisements will be accounted for in our Advertising Report after the campaign concludes.

Why are you involved in the election?

The core mandate of North99, as identified through surveys from our members, is to push-back against the far-right and fight for progressive issues. Doug Ford stands against everything our members and community believes in. After surveying our members, it was clear they wanted us to do everything we could to stop Doug Ford.

Our activities in include creating social media content, sending emails, writing stories and, if we raise enough money, runing advertisements.

Will you release the names of your donors?

Yes. As per Ontario election rules, we are required to release the names of anyone who donates $100 or more to our Stop Ford campaign. This will be included in the Third Party Election Advertising Report that we submit after the election is done. While corporations and other third-parties are able to contribute to Ontario Election Third Parties, North99 does not accept corporate or other third-party donations.

Are you telling people which party to vote for?

We are telling voters not to support the Doug Ford and the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, but we are not telling people which other parties to vote for.

The reason for registering as a third party is to stop Doug Ford from winning. Our supporters and volunteers involved in North99 come from different progressive political backgrounds, and care about different progressive issues – we leave it up to them to determine which party best represents their values.