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Pledge to Vote Against Andrew Scheer

Canada’s election is quickly approaching and polls show Andrew Scheer could become Prime Minister.[1]

Andrew Scheer has embraced far-right attacks on immigrants and diversity,[2], he opposes gay marriage[3], his party embraces climate change denial[4], and he has no plan to stop global warming[5].

Take the pledge to vote against Andrew Scheer and his far-right Conservative party in 2019.


[1] Federal Conservatives would win majority if election held today – Forum poll

[2] Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer Defends Heckler Affiliated With Far-Right Anti-Immigrant Groups – PressProgress

[3] Andrew Scheer “I Dont Believe In Same Sex Marriage” (2016) I Homosexual Marriage Equality – YouTube

[4] Conservative MP Embraces Climate Change Denial, Questions if CO2 Causes Global Warming – North99

[5] Where’s Your Climate Plan, Andrew Scheer? – HuffPo

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