Our mission

Who we are

North99 is a volunteer-run, registered non-profit based in Toronto. We create progressive content and opinion with the goal of shifting opinion and making Canada a more fair, equal, and inclusive country. We are non-partisan, meaning we don’t endorse particular political parties or candidates. We are funded and guided by grassroots supporters who make monthly contributions. Our mission is to promote economic equality, combat racism and hate and stop the rise of far-right ideas in Canada.

Why we exist

Canada is becoming swamped with right-wing media and shady advocacy groups. You have probably heard of The Rebel, which reaches millions of people every month with their toxic right-wing ideology. But there reach online that are trying to do to Canada what Trump and Breitbart did to America.

And right now, progressives are doing very little to oppose these groups. Take a look at how the top right-wing online groups stack up against the leading progressives ones (as of 2017):

It’s not even close. And that’s scary. Why? Because (according to Abacus Research), 21% of Canadians report Facebook is their primary source of news, just a few points behind TV.

On YouTube it’s even worse. Rebel Media has more subscribers than any mainstream media news outlet in Canada.

Rebel Media and other far-right groups like them are winning and progressive groups are doing nothing about it.

And if we let them spread their message unopposed, they WILL bring Trump-style right-wing politics to Canada. 

North99 exists to counter these forces and promote a progressive worldview.


We depend on your support

We’ll be honest: the only reason we have grown so quickly is because people share our stories with their friends. Everything depends on regular people participating in the movement we are building together.

And let’s not kid ourselves for a minute: the other side — the far right media that is winning right now — is well-funded by corporate interests, the ultra-rich, and foreign oil billionaires like the Koch Brothers. In fact, a far-right think tank is using part of their $2 million fund to provide financial support to Ezra Levant and Rebel Media.

This is what progressives are up against. 

We don’t have any outside funding. Whether we continue this work depends 100% on grassroots donors like you.

The future

We started as a tiny Facebook page. As we grow, we will be launching even more ways to grow our community:

  • A regular web video series,
  • A podcast,
  • Original reporting and journalism,
  • On the ground organizing to promote key issues,
  • Direct-to-people community services like clothing drives and food deliveries to those in need,
  • And more.

With your support we can have a real impact on the direction of this country at a critical point in history. Will we join the United States and succumb to radical right-wing forces? Or will we show the world a different path, and build a more equal, fair, prosperous society for everyone?

If you want to be a part of putting us on the right path and beating back radical right-wing ideology, please consider becoming a grassroots supporter today.