Pitch Us

North99 is looking for written submissions to publish across our channels. We want to hear from people who are typically not published by corporate media. We don’t care if you have never written for a big newspaper — in fact, we prefer it. We want to hear from workers, students, and ordinary Canadians about their experiences and perspectives.


Here’s some of the topics we’re interested in publishing.

  • Inequality and the economy.
  • Working conditions and jobs in the 21st century. Specifically we’d like to publish personal stories of people working to get by in an increasingly precarious economy.
  • The climate crisis and its impact on Canadians.
  • The far-right and the growing threat of racism and hate.
  • The failure of right-wing politics and governments.

Please feel free to pitch articles on other topics as well.

Types of pitches

We’re interested in hearing any story ideas, but your pitch should fall under the following categories:

  • Opinion: We are looking for well-argued and logical opinion pieces on current events, issues, or more abstract political ideas.
  • Policy: We are interested in featuring big policy ideas shaping Canada and the world. If you are a think tank, have written a policy paper or are publishing a book, we’d love to help you reach a wider audience.

Typically we will not publish news or traditional reporting. Your writing should be accessible to anyone with a high school education. We do not publish academic writing.

Our audience

North99 reaches 3 million+ Canadians each week through our online channels. Publishing on North99 is an excellent way to reach a broad audience of Canadians.

Pay Rates

Our standard pay rates are as follows:

  • $125: Opinion, reviews, personal essays, policy arguments (typically 1500 words or less)
  • $325: Articles that require substantial primary research (calling sources, interviews, etc.) and investigative work (typically 2,500+ words)

We will not pay less than this, though we may pay more in certain circumstances. All amounts are in Canadian dollars.

How to pitch us

Send your pitch to taylor@north99.org. Make sure to include your story angle and explain why you think it’s relevant. If you have written before, please link to your piece or provide a sample. If you have not been published before, we’ll need a more fleshed out pitch to assess your writing.