Pitch Us

Interested in writing for North99? Great! We’d love to hear your pitch idea.

North99 is Canada’s most viral progressive community and reaching a highly engaged audience. Our Facebook community is over 130,000 supporters, our site generates 500,000+ page views a month, and our weekly newsletter is rapidly growing and regularly achieves open rates above 30%.

Writing for North99 means you can put your stories, opinion or big policy idea in front of one of the biggest Canadian progressive audience on the internet.


We’re interested in stories and people’s voices that go unreported by the mainstream media and offer a progressive take on major issues.

Here are the types of stories our audience is interested in reading:

  • Inequality, economic policy and fighting the 1%
  • Climate change and the impacts on Canadians
  • Combatting the far-right
  • Holding Conservative governments accountable
  • International progressive stories with a Canadian hook
  • Refugee and immigration stories to counter far-right hatred
  • Unreported political news
  • Social justice and fighting for racial equality

Types of Pitches

We’re interested in hearing any story ideas, but your pitch should fall under two categories:

  • Opinion: If you have a unique idea that you think progressives are interested in hearing, let us know!
  • Stories: We’re interested in stories covering major issues and less frequently reported topics. We’re always open to pitches on investigative stories or an ongoing series.
  • Policy discussion: We are interested in featuring big policy ideas shaping Canada and the world. If you are a think tank, have written a policy paper or are publishing a book, we’d love to help your idea reach a wider audience.

How to pitch us

Email us: Send your pitch to priority@north99.org and a member of our team will get back to you. Make sure to include your story angle and any other information so our team can evaluate your idea.

Bring ideas: Unless you are confident the piece meshes without editorial focus, we recommend you share your ideas first so we can