Tell your MPP: We need a public inquiry into Ontario’s pandemic response.

Three deadly pandemic waves have wreaked havoc on Ontario. Each successive wave has been worse than the last.

Around the world, countries have learned from mistakes and strengthened their pandemic responses. But in Ontario, the opposite seems to be happening.

Our government has been slow to lock down. They have implemented half-measures instead of being decisive. And they have opened up too quickly, despite public health advice warning of new variants.

Over 7,500 Ontarians have died. Thousands more have been hospitalized. Small businesses have been shuttered and bankrupted. Front-line workers have risked their health for over a year with little to no support.

How did we get here and what went wrong? Was public health advice ignored? We need to know the mistakes made so we can learn from them and prepare for future crises.

Ontarians deserve answers. Yet, there has been little to no transparency from our leaders.  The media and opposition parties too have been left in the dark by the Ontario government.

After SARS and Walkerton, public inquiries were held to investigate what went wrong. The COVID-19 pandemic warrants a public inquiry as well. Will you call on your elected representative to do everything in their power to ensure a public inquiry into Ontario’s pandemic response?

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