Chip in to Stop Ford and Get Your Stop Ford Bumper Sticker

Thank you to the hundreds of people who chipped in to fund this campaign! While we still welcome donations, we will not be able to ship stickers in time for election day for any donations made after June 1st. 

Join the fight to stop Doug Ford. Chip in $12 or more now and we’ll ship you a Stop Ford bumper sticker. All proceeds help us fund research and advertising dedicated to defeating Doug Ford and his right-wing agenda.

Doug Ford pretends to be on the side of working people, but everything he wants to do will hurt workers and help the richest 1%.

  • He wants to cancel the minimum wage increase.
  • He will give huge tax breaks to big businesses.
  • He wants to cut spending on services that benefit everyone else and use the money to cut taxes for the rich.
  • He will scrap a tax on rich foreign investors buying up Canadian property, making houses more expensive for people who actually live here.
  • He told anti-abortion activists he supported re-opening the abortion debate and blocking teenagers from obtaining abortions.

Canada’s far-right movement is gaining momentum. And their first chance at victory is in Ontario.

To tip the balance in three key ridings, we need to reach voters directly with online ads. We’ve crunched the numbers – with $4,500 we can help tip the balance in three ridings that Ford must win. But we can only do that if we hit out goal of $4,500.

We need to stop Doug Ford from coming to power. Get your bumper sticker today and join the fight to stop Ford.

Please note that North99 is a registered third-party advertiser with Elections Ontario. We are required to publicly disclose any donations of $100 or more, and if you donate more than $100 your name will appear in Elections Ontario financial records. All donors must be legal residents of Ontario.

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