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Sign the Petition: Demand Sears Stop Paying Executive Bonuses While 16,000 Workers Get Nothing

Sears Canada is going bankrupt. But instead of helping laid-off workers, Sears Canada is paying $2.8 million in bonuses to executives that destroyed the company.

In fact, over 16,000 employees have recently lost or will soon lose their jobs. Their severance? Absolutely nothing.

“It baffles the mind,” said Holder, who worked for Sears for 28 years. “I can’t believe they’re worried about securing bonuses for execs when the employees are looking at going through the Christmas season with no real job.”

We agree. This is wrong and must be stopped.

Sign our petition to demand Sears stop paying executive bonuses while workers get nothing.

Source: Sears managers, execs will still pocket big cash bonuses even though retailer is closing, CBC News, October 19, 2017

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